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CAD data

CAD data is available from the following sites.

powerPARTS “PARTcommunity” is cad data download service produced by CADENAS WEB2CAD Inc.
This service can provide designer 2D and 3D data for NTN's products.
You can use this service free, if you register. It is possible to download native data for each cad system.

Bearing Units Data
Cast iron pillow block type (UCP/Set screw type)
Cast iron pillow block type (UKP/Adapter type)
Thick pillow block type (UCIP)
Narrow pillow block type (UCUP)
High-center pillow block type (UCHP)
Steel plate pillow block type (ASPP)
Square flange type (UCF)
Square flange type with spigot joint (UCFS)
Round flange type with spigot joint (UCFC)
Rhombus flange type (UCFL)
Modified flange type (UCFH)
Light cast iron rhombus flange type (ASFB)
Steel plate round flange type (ASPF)
Steel plate rhombus flange type (ASPFL)
Take-up type (UCT)
Channel steel frame stretcher unit (UCM)
Light channel steel frame stretcher unit (UCL)
Angle steel frame stretcher unit (UCT)

PDF Catalog

Bearing units PDF Ccatalog is available from NTN web site.

Please see the NTN web site for PDF catalogs for other products.