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Feature 6: Stretcher Unit (R)

Deformation-resistant Stretcher Unit frames

Stiffener plates are welded to the inside of the left and right vertical frames to suppress possible deformation. (M type)
In the M300 type, stiffener plates are also welded to both sides of the upper frame.

CM-UCM320-50   Vertical frame reinforcing plate for the M320

Anti-corrosion treatment of slide surface and adjustment bolts

The lower frame (slide surface) and adjustment bolts are galvanized, so less corrosion occurs and the stroke can be adjusted smoothly.

Adjustment bolt   Lower frame

Prevention of damage when loaded

Adjustment nut

When a load is applied to the Stretcher Unit®, there is a risk the load will act on the adjustment nuts and damage them. To prevent such damage, strength is enhanced by welding the adjustment bolts and nuts.