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Pillow Blocks Units

Cast iron pillow block type


UCP, UCPL (Set screw type)
UKP, UKPL (Adapter type)
UELP, UELPL (Eccentric collar type)

This typical type of bearing unit is equivalent to the combination of a widely used plumber block and an automatic self-aligning bearing. Fitting to a shaft can be done easily, simply by fastening ball-point set screws. This type is most widely used in transmission mechanisms, general machinery and similar.


C-UCP, CM-UCP (Cast iron covered bearing unit)
C-UKP, CM-UKP (Cast iron covered bearing unit)

A steel plate or cast iron cover is fitted to the outside of the cast iron bearing housing, effectively preventing entry of dust under usage conditions with high levels of dust or moisture. This type is suitable for locations with high dust levels (e.g., conveyors for transporting earth and sand) and where the bearing is exposed to moisture (e.g., conveyors for dairy products or food manufacturing).


S-UCP, SM-UCP (Steel plate covered bearing unit)
S-UKP, SM-UKP (Steel plate covered bearing unit)

Thick pillow block type


UCIP (Set screw type)
UKIP (Adapter type)
UELIP (Eccentric collar type)

Compared to other pillow block types, this model has a thicker bearing housing, providing a greater rigidity that is advantageous for high impact loads. The mounting bolt holes are bored, so positioning can be done accurately. This type is suitable for use in overhead traveling cranes and similar.

High-center pillow block type bearing


UCHP (Set screw type)
UKHP (Adapter type)
UELHP (Eccentric collar type)

This pillow block type bearing has a higher center than standard models. It is suitable for roller conveyors located at a high position relative to the equipment mounting surface, in woodworking or printing machinery and similar.

Narrow pillow block type


UCUP (Set screw type)
UKUP (Adapter type)
UELUP (Eccentric collar type)

The bottom of the bearing housing has threaded holes for mounting bolts, so the width of the bearing housing is narrower than a standard pillow block unit. This type is suitable for situations where a narrower roller pitch is needed, as in a curved roller.

Light pillow block type


ASPB (Set screw type)
AELPB (Eccentric collar type)
CSPB (Tight fit type)

This unit has a lighter, smaller bearing housing compared to a standard cast iron pillow block type, and the ball bearings combined with this housing are designed for lower weight by using the AS2, AEL2 and CS2 models. This type is suitable for small equipment, or when the installation space is cramped.

Steel plate pillow block type


ASPP (Set screw type)
AELPP (Eccentric collar type)

This type has a bearing housing made of precision pressed steel plate. It has high rigidity while retaining light weight and compactness, and thus is suitable for packaging equipment, small blowers, printing machinery, agricultural machinery and other applications with limitations on mounting space and weight.
The ASPP2 and ASRPP2 models use the set screw system, and the AELPP2 and AELRPP2 models use the eccentric collar system.


ASRPP (With rubber ring)
AELRPP (With rubber ring)

Vibration absorption capability is provided by combining a bearing surrounded by a rubber ring and a steel plate pillow block type bearing housing.