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Stainless Series

Stainless SeriesThis new series from NTN provides corrosion resistance and longer
lubrication life in a clean unit with low torque characteristics.


Guards against corrosion

NTN bearing units in the stainless series feature ball bearings inserted into housings made of stainless that provide superior resistance to corrosion as compared to standard series cast iron units. This series is especially useful in a wide variety of applications because of the rust free properties of the housing.

Longer lubrication life

The solid grease lubricating the bearing has been heat-hardened and is a mixture of lubricant and ultra high moleculer weight polyethylene. The solid grease reduces leakage, prolonging lubricant life especially when used under conditions of vibration or centrifugal force. Also, this grease will not homogenize when water penetrates into the bearing raceway.

Maintains a clean operating environment

The solid grease lubricant in the ball bearing, solely developed by NTN, reduces leakage from the bearing, significantly reducing environmental pollution.

Low torque characteristics

The standard solid grease type for these ball bearing units is spot-pack which places the lubricant on the bearing retainer. Torque consumption capabilities of spot-pack bearings is low due to reduced whip resistance in comparison to standard grease lubricated ball bearings.


The basic dimensions are the same as current NTN units and are also compatible with units from other manufacturers ISO standard.


Bearing Units Stainless Series (PDF: 353KB)