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Triple-sealed Bearings

Triple-sealed BearingsThese reliable triple-sealed bearings are dustproof and waterproof.
They ensure a longer bearing life even when exposed to heavy airborne dust and splashes of foul water.


Better dustproofing and waterproofing ensure a longer bearing life.

Triple-sealed bearings feature a secure bearing seal with three lips. This special seal offers reliable dustproofing and waterproofing superior to those of standard bearings used in bearing units. In addition, it ensures a longer service life, even when exposed to heavy airborne dust and splashes of foul water. (Patent pending)

Reduces maintenance cost.

A bearing life longer than that of a standard bearing unit configurations means extended maintenance intervals, greatly reduced maintenance costs (of inspection, relubrication, replacement, etc.), and increased availability of machinery.

Decreases price of the bearing unit and contributes to more compact machinery.

The triple-sealed bearing unit replaces conventional covered bearing units in certain operating conditions, greatly decreasing the cost of bearing units. In addition, if the cover is not required, the machinery can be made more compact.

Secure balled setscrew

The triple-sealed bearing is mounted on the shaft with NTN's unique balled setscrew, which features an embedded ball in its tip. Compared with knurled cup point or cup-point setscrews, the balled setscrew provides much greater resistance to loosening, as it does not readily loosen due to vibration or impact.


The triple-sealed bearing unit conforms to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) for UC-type bearings. It is not only ready to use as a relubricable bearing, but it also replaces the conventional bearing units of NTN and other manufacturers. It therefore serves as a ready replacement for existing bearing units.


Triple-Sealed Bearings for Bearing Units (PDF: 263KB)